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We believe customer satisfaction is the foundation of any successful business. If you aren't satisfied with any part of your cleaning, we will provide a refund
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Our employees are highly trained, personable and peer-reviewed to ensure that your individual cleaner is up to the task of keeping your home spotless
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We use only the best green, eco-friendly products, ensuring not only a spotless, fresh home, but one that smells great, and doesn't leave harmful toxic chemicals.
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Customer Reviews
4.9 star star star star star
1913 reviews

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Great job cleaning my embarrassingly filthy apartment. Thanks!

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Helvin and Douglas did a great job. They were very nice and wanted to make sure they cleaned to your satisfaction. I was very pleased.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Very nice and hard worker.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Very good work.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    While she was 20 minutes early, she did a great job of cleaning the surfaces and vacuuming. Very friendly and personable.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    The best cleaner

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Everything went great. She even came. A few minutes early and stayed until everything was clean

  • star star star star star 4 5

    Helvin did a good job and was very friendly. It seemed like she forgot to clean one of our showers, but we did decline her offer to do to a walk through to check her work, and we’re sure she would have cleaned it had we caught it before she left. We’d still be happy to have her again.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Great job!

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Great work!

  • star star star star star 5 5

    did a beautiful job

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Karime is always punctual, kind and hardworking. Leaves my home feeling clean and refreshed each time.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Karime is the best! Always lovely demeanor and hard worker.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Karime is always professional, helpful, kind and thoughtful. She really helps me keep a clean and tidy home. Super happy and impressed with her hard work ethic.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Karime is lovely, excellent with attention to detail and was very helpful.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Laura was awesome! She is so lovely and she made my home look refreshed and very clean again.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Good job! Karime was very efficient, and had a pleasant demeanor. We liked her and her work.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Karyme is a very nice person. Shy at first but honest, sincere. I love that. Is careful and takes her time to do things right. I like her work a lot. If reserve my right to tip her directly.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    She was great

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Laura was fantastic!

Washington DC
Commitment to our customers is what we care about here at check maid. To prove it, we have someone in your area making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. My number one priority is being as fair as possible to everyone. I enjoy making clients happy and getting homes cleaned.
Check Maid Cleaning
604 Longfellow St NW #305
Washington, DC 20011

Maid service DC

I love a clean home, but probably like you, I don't have the time or energy to devote hours to lightly cleaning it, let alone deep cleaning my home. There's too much to do with work, family, and other important matters to wrestle with, and so the home ends up neglected; this is where Check Maid comes into play. With our top-notch maid service, your worries are over.

Our Washington, D.C. cleaning service is the best because of the many benefits we offer our clients, including discounts for their continued service with us. We take pride in knowing that as soon as you've reviewed our benefits and services available, you will take the plunge and contact us. Benefits of Check Maid in D.C.

We know you have many options in the D.C. area for cleaning your home and that is why we ensure you will love what Check Maid has to offer you, including a free quote online, as well as scheduling your cleaning appointment. We also offer live chat with one of our knowledge and friendly representatives who can answer your questions or address your concerns. Many of you work until evening time, therefore, we've set our chat hours from until 8:00 P.M. every day, including Sundays. Our appointment time availability of 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., also gives you ample time to schedule your cleaning. Because we don't want to overstay our welcome, we also typically take one hour per room, so we still give your home plenty of TLC, without being a pest. If your home is quite messy, you may want to schedule our moving in/out option.

We make it easy to get your Check Maid cleaning service setup

Other great benefits of Check Maid is our two-person teams. We figure more hands will accomplish that much more, and two eyes will ensure nothing gets missed in the cleaning. We also strive to keep the same two-person team at each of your appointments, so we can develop a great working relationship with you - our clients. If at anytime we can't ensure that, we will contact you promptly.

So your peace of mind is intact, we also offer insured and bonded maid service, as well as vetted and back-grounded maids. You will know the maids coming to your home are honest and forthright and will never cause you worry. Our maids are also trained by our top trainers in the business, right in our own offices, so you know they will do it right. Our cleaning service also offers the following:

  • Money-back guarantee - We want your business, but most-importantly, we want your return business, so we offer a never-heard-of-before guarantee of 200%. If you don't love our service, we will refund every penny of your money, no questions asked; although, we would appreciate you letting us know what or where we went wrong so we can fix the problem.
  • Chemical-free products - If you have children and/or pets, their safety is your top priority, so we promise that our products will be toxic-free. Your home doesn't need to smell like a chemical factory and we would hate it if our products caused your children or pets harm. However, if you need the tough stuff, we can provide that, as well.
  • Contact reminders - I forget things all the time, so having reminders is helpful, especially if you have many things to remember in a given day. With our service, we ensure you are reminded of your cleaning appointment either by phone, text, or email; this way, you'll never forget. It's also a great time to ensure there are no hangups with your scheduled appointment., if you happen to forget, allowing for arrangements to be made.• Gift cards - Want to surprise that special someone with a gift card of our cleaning service? We offer gift cards of $25, $50, and $100, so their home can receive our excellent maid service and you will be praised for giving the best gift ever.
  • No hidden charges - When we quote you a price to clean your home, we stick to that price and don't tack on extra, hidden charges you weren't expecting. We believe that businesses should be honest with their clients up-front. We also have flat rates, so you tell us what rooms need cleaning and we quote you that price.

You deserve a clean home and more free time

We value your time so we've made it easy to get a free quote and schedule your cleaning in just a few short minutes online. We also understand that you may have questions that aren't answered on our FAQ page, and therefore would rather talk with one of our representatives. That's great. Our contact number is also provided at the top right of our website. Excellent cleaning services in D.C.

Just the many benefits listed above should be enough to clinch your decision on choosing Check Maid, but we also know you want to know just what our services entail. You see, we just don't "clean" your home, we deep clean your home. What does that exactly mean? It means we take extra care and time to ensure your home is really clean. It means decluttering, dusting, mopping, moving and replacing furniture, and doing the tough jobs, which includes scrubbing tubs, toilets, floors, and sinks in the bathroom to oven-tops, outside of cupboards, and even the fridge and inside the oven, if needed. We also clean countertops, microwaves, appliances, and we can even do your dirty dishes, leaving your hands nice and smooth.

In each room, we scrutinize every nook and cranny to make sure everything is spotless. We dust window sills and blinds, clean doorknobs and light switches, clear clutter, vacuum or mop; we even take out the trash, leaving behind a fresh-smelling room. We also take care of staircases, hallways, tabletops, and even electronics, so dust and bacteria is wiped away. If you're moving and need a bang-up cleaning job done, we can do that too. Also, if you're moving into an apartment or house needing cleaning, let our maid service tackle that chore, so you can focus on making it your home. Good news! We can do all this cleaning without you present; all we need is a specific place for a key and we can get started. When you arrive, your home will look spotless and smell heavenly.

Another great service you can add on is laundry service. I don't know about you, but washing, drying, folding and putting away clothes can take a long time, and depending on how many kids you have, it can be an all-day chore. Check Maid can take that pain away, leaving you extra time to hang with the kids or make it a special evening with your S.O. If there are chores not listed on our site, let us know and most times, we can accommodate you.

More reasons we're DC's favorite home cleaners

Along with online scheduling, friendly reminders, and live chat sessions, Check Maid also features a few locations in the D.C. area in which to serve you, so there should be no problem in scheduling your home cleaning.

We also feature bi-weekly, weekly, and monthly discounts up to 15% for our returning customers, so you save money, time and receive a super clean home. Another great feature of Check Maid is suppling our own supplies. No need to furnish us with anything. We bring our mops, vacuums, and cleaning products; we even bring our own paper towels. Now that's service you can count on.

On Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter? So are we! Follow us, like us, and pin us. Tell your friends, family, co-workers, or even acquaintances about our excellent cleaning service in the D.C. area. They'll thank you, if you do, and the more referrals we get, the better we can serve you. We've also been featured in leading magazines, such as The New York Times, Time, FourSquare, and Forbes, so you know you're getting the best maid service around.

We would love to hear from you, either by phone, email, or online, so we can schedule your home for the best cleaning it's most-likely ever had, and make you a believer.