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Fully bonded and insured
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Get a free estimate, view our available cleaning times, and even schedule yourself entirely online!

Full Service Guarantee
We believe customer satisfaction is the foundation of any successful business. If you aren't satisfied with any part of your cleaning, we will provide a refund
Professionally Trained
Our employees are highly trained, personable and peer-reviewed to ensure that your individual cleaner is up to the task of keeping your home spotless
Green Products
We use only the best green, eco-friendly products, ensuring not only a spotless, fresh home, but one that smells great, and doesn't leave harmful toxic chemicals.
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Customer Reviews
4.9 star star star star star
14166 reviews

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Claudia was so kind, very thoughtful & very thorough

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Really beautiful job cleaning the apartment. It’s spotless! Only thing to note is that the front windows were not cleaned

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Patricia was excellent and went the extra mile! I will not hesitate to use Maid Marines again, and will definitely be requesting her services specifically.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Great work, tipped in person

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Can we get katelyn for our upcoming cleans? She did an amazing job

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Felisa was so wonderful! Very thorough and kind. Will definitely hire again!

  • star star star star star 5 5

    she was great. Does she only work in NYC? Asking b/c we just moved to Westchester County and I'd like to use her for my new place. I also gave her tip in cash.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    she spent 15 minutes of the session talking on the phone outside but the clean was great so its okay.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Patricia was excellent!

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Beautiful job, thank you so much!

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Yaheiry was lovely. She knows how to clean and worked methodically through the apartment. Every room looked great and I would be happy to have her clean for me again.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Great job thank you!!

  • star star star star star 4 5

    She did a decent job and was pleasant to work with, but not as good as our cleaner last week. For example, she didn't dust the surfaces of the shelves. The cleaner last week also did the tops of the baseboards which was more than I was expecting and that was not done this week either. I also think that her vacuum cleaner might not have been working that well. Some sections of our carpets and floors had visible dirt that I had to vacuum up after she left.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Finished right on time. Did a really nice job. Very quiet and efficient. I tipped her in cash.

  • star star star star star 5 5


  • star star star star star 5 5

    Great service!

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Thank you so much!

  • star star star star star 5 5

    She did a great job! I tipped in Cash.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Great job! Much improved from before. I've emailed explaining as much and addressed a separate issue. Thank you again.

  • star star star star star 5 5

    Ana is awesome!!!!

New York City
Commitment to our customers is what we care about here at check maid. To prove it, we have someone in your area making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. My number one priority is being as fair as possible to everyone. I enjoy making clients happy and getting homes cleaned.
Check Maid Cleaning
90 Washington St #2V
New York, NY 10006

Your on-demand maid service in NYC

You’re a busy person. You have a lot going on and time truly is, as they say, your most valuable asset. Cleaning takes up a significant portion of that time on a weekly basis.

And not only does the scrubbing, wiping, buying products, and everything else required for a thorough cleaning eat time, but the entire process is tiring and takes away from other activities well after you’re done.

Check Maid gives you back that time, and unlike your typical maid service experience, we do it without the hassle. Our NYC cleaning services put not only your home and its cleanliness as a top priority, but also your personal time.

So while house cleaning is our most sought after service, we also really like to think of ourselves as the ultimate time saver.

From ease of scheduling online, to sending two person teams to ensure a deep, efficient clean, to accepting credit cards online, to having attentive customer service around the clock, to having bonding and insurance so you know your home is in good hands, and much more, we make the entire process truly enjoyable.

And that’s how it should be!

You deserve a simple cleaning service

Relaxation. To many of us, that’s what it’s all about. You’d like to click a few buttons, select your time, see the cost, know you’ll always have the same team coming to greet you, and have a satisfying house cleaning experience that frees you up to do the things you love.

Check Maid delivers.

One of the ways we deliver is by providing you the ability to schedule yourself entirely online. It goes along with our time-saving theme. While it’s likely you would like to call us for your initial appointment (and we can’t wait to hear from you if you haven’t yet!), having to play phone or email tag every single time you want to make a change is absolutely exhausting.

With Check Maid, you're in trusted hands

Many of our clients put our 2 person maid teams as their favorite part of our cleaning service. These teams we speak of are specially trained and matched to tackle even the toughest homes in a methodical, efficient manner that makes you think of Check Maid as much more than just a NYC maid service.

You will also be pleased to know that a large majority of our clientele have children, and we have made sure that the products we carry are green, and eco-friendly. Your family and friends will never again have to re-live the harsh chemical experience. (That said, we do bring the tougher products on request!)

Bonding and insurance. Quite possibly the least exciting part of the business, but it’s crucial to you and yours. We use our house cleaning service right along with our clientele, and we know how important it is that your home is in safe hands.

Your home is in great hands with Check Maid. And we don’t stop there.

Every individual in each of our teams is background checked and vetted, as well as regularly tested at our own offices and homes.

Having a maid service is about more than just a clean home, and saving time, it’s about the whole experience. You want personable people who are caring and understand your specific cleaning needs. We ensure that.

Having you understand our full service guarantee is another piece of the puzzle. On occasion, one thing may be missed that you had wanted cleaned. While having to admit that things can be missed is typically not too smart, it’s a fact of the home cleaning industry. Here at Check Maid, we guarantee that we will be quick and happy to provide a refund, re-clean, or a credit for your next cleaning without hesitancy, in the rare case that everything doesn’t go according to plan. That’s our cleaning services NYC guarantee.

How long our typical house cleaning in NYC takes

To ensure your home is fully cleaned, we schedule, on average, 1 hour per bedroom for our teams of two cleaners.

While not every home is the same, we have great success with this formula.

In cases of extreme dustiness resulting from post-construction cleanings, or excessive mess from post-party or other situations, we do require that you call us so we can schedule you for extra time and expectations are understood on both sides.

Our NYC maid service comes with all supplies, including a vacuum and paper towels

New York City makes it a little tough on cleaning services in this regard, and as a result most of our competitors require you to provide the supplies.

Not Check Maid!

Once again, we really love to think of ourselves as more than just a maid service—we like to think of ourselves as a time saving service. What kind of time saving service would we be if you had to provide our supplies?!

Not much of one, that’s for sure.

We can do house cleaning while you are away

Given that we are bonded and insured, and do run full background checks against our cleaners, many of our clientele choose to have us clean when they’re away.

All we need from you is detailed instructions on how to get in either over the phone or when you schedule online. That’s it!

Have additional questions?

We can accommodate most situations and we would love to hear from you. Please give us a call (800) 737-4802 or email